My Bloody Valentine Tease New Album

It could emerge later this year...

My Bloody Valentine are continuing to tease fans with details about a proposed new album.

It’s been 21 years since My Bloody Valentine last released a studio album. 21 years which have seen fans teased with numerous bouts of rumour, myth and speculation.

However the upcoming re-issue project has seen My Bloody Valentine stir back into life. Kevin Shields recently gave an interview to Pitchfork, revealing that he was busy working on a new studio album.

Now the guitarist savant has told MOJO that My Bloody Valentine could release new material by the end of the year.

The “impressionistic album” has been assembled from unreleased takes laid down over a decade ago. According to Shields, the re-issue process re-ignited his interest in the abandoned material.

“I listened to the stacks of CDs and thought, ‘Shit, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the compilation. I decided it would be insane not to finish it’”.

Renowned for their slow work rate, fans had doubted if My Bloody Valentine would ever finish their new album. However Kevin Shields explained that he is quite willing to bulk up his work rate when necessary.

“The myth is that I’m somebody who really overworks things but I’m not like that at all” he insisted. “It’s just about recording when you feel good and capturing something as quickly as possible”.

Meanwhile, Kevin Shields has also been contributing to Primal Scream’s new album. Former label mates, the relationship between the band’s was strengthened recently when My Bloody Valentine musician Debbie Googe was unveiled as the temporary replacement for Stone Roses bound Mani.

There is no official timescale for a new My Bloody Valentine album.

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