As 'MASS: LIGHT' project continues...

As the creative force behind The Dears, Murray A. Lightburn was known for earnest, passionate songwriting.

Which is perhaps why the singer's new project is so startling. Released last year, 'MASS: LIGHT' matches electronic with sci-fi to score a battle between demons and angels.

An audio-visual concept, Clash caught a 'MASS: LIGHT' show at M For Montreal last year and it was a bizarre, utterly distinct experience.

Now Murray A. Lightburn has confirmed plans to bring his music video/short film 'A Thousand Light Years' to a computer screen near you.

The video will go live on on February 9th via the singer's 'Mass To Light' website, with five showings set to be split every two hours starting at 3pm.

Full information HERE.

Check out a preview below.

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