Murlo’s ‘Puckle’ Is So Much More Than Music

It's a multi-discipline album project...

Murlo has shared his new album ‘Puckle’.

The Manchester-based producer is stepped in club culture, with his broad-ranging work reinterpreting system tropes from fresh angles. 2019’s ‘Dolos’ remains a pivotal listen, and Murlo has spent two years building a follow up.

Yet it’s much more than a simple album release. ‘Puckle’ is a multi-disciplinary project, with Murlo applying his skills as a visual artist.

Out now, ‘Puckle’ offers 13 tracks of club heat, with Murlo embodying rave energy amid his day-glo futurism. There’s also a finely sculpted aspect to his work, augmented by 3D miniatures and a visual compendium.

Murlo comments…

“Combining my visual work with music has always been a way to add another layer to what I’m writing, a way to engage the audience in a more immersive way. The music is more than just an accompaniment to the narrative – it’s a character in its own right. I’ve dedicated the past two years developing this album, from drawing in sketchbooks to sculpting in 3D software, to 3D printing and lots of hours writing music. It’s never easy drawing a line under a project and saying, “yes this is done”, there’s always more and more I want to add but I’m proud to finally give this up.”

Out now, ‘Puckle’ is a fascinating project, its electronic immediacy coupled to palpable depth. Tune in now.

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