For new single 'Awful Things'...

Murkage Dave is back.

One of UK underground music's most-loved figures, his debut album 'Murkage Dave Changed My Life' prompted a wave of critical acclaim.

Taking a step back to focus on his next move - and deal with a pandemic - Murkage Dave has been stockpiling ideas, working out where he wants to go next.

The result? A daring double single that points in two entirely distinctive directions at exactly the same time.

Out now, 'Please Don't Move To London, It's A Trap' offers a rounded depiction of the city, a song prompted by lived experience and a desire to speak the truth.

As Murkage Dave puts it...

“I find that people either paint London as some kind of warzone, like there’s missiles going off every minute, or they want to airbrush out all the crud on some Hugh Grant shit like everyone is just sitting around drinking organic wine in Michelin star restaurants. I’d rather just say it as it is, it may not be as pretty a picture or maybe it doesn’t fit the stereotype that some might like to consume but I feel like I've gotten closer to the truth, which is all I know how to do.”

Alongside this, Murkage Dave has shared an actual, bona fide collaboration with Caroline Polachek - she lights up their joint single 'Awful Things'.

Check out both below.

Photo Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes


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