Munah’s Debut Single ‘Calling’ Is A Soothing Introduction

A delightful dose of introspection...

Contemporary pop artist Munah is here to astound; with a flourish of earthy elegance, the singer-songwriter’s debut single ‘Calling’ perfectly showcases her tender sound. Combining her London-lifestyle with her Irish and Pakistani roots, Munah’s pop palette is diverse, resulting in gorgeous harmonies and instrumentals that will leave you enchanted.

‘Calling’ is exquisitely gentle, Munah’s light-yet-soulful vocals adding a darker depth to the sound. The combination makes for an earthy, uniquely rich listening experience. Released via her own off-shoot AWAL Records label eldest daughter, the track roots you in the moment, sinking you into the feeling of how connected we are as humans with one another and the environment.

Speaking on the track, Munah notes how ‘Calling’ explores this sense of connection; “For me, ‘Calling’ is about remembering the connections we have, wherever they may be, and channeling them when we need them the most; when life feels too difficult, or when we don’t feel strong. It is about feeling lost, and feeling found all at the same time.”

And Munah’s talents don’t stop at her musical abilities – the multi-instrumentalist is also currently performing a self-written, one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe until August 28th. Having started her run on August 3rd, the musical ‘Manic Street Creature’ aims to explore the exhaustion of compassion and manic depression, and is set to feature a flurry of fresh tracks. The performance is somewhat of a concept album musical, and is sure to serve as a delightful dose of introspection.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore

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