After Gordon Ramsay show controversy...

Morrissey has picked up £10,000 worth of damages - after Channel 4 used a Smiths track without permission on a Gordon Ramsay show.

On one side, perhaps Britain's best known vegan and a longterm advocate for animal rights. On the other, one of the country's best known chefs, someone whose outspoken opinion on vegetarianism has continually caused debate.

So it's curious to see Morrissey and Gordon Ramsay (sort of) go head to head. The celebrity chef returned at Christmas with a new show, which Channel 4 teased with a special advert featuring The Smiths' 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want'.

Seemingly, the usage was unauthorised and Morrissey struck. Channel 4 have been forced to pay £10,000 which the iconic indie frontman has decided to donate to PETA in order to further their fight against the practise of foie gras.

Issuing a statement, Morrissey said: "Ramsay may very well stick his head in his microwave when he hears that the money I received from Channel 4 … is being donated to PETA to fight foie gras. Foie gras is so cruelly produced that he’d be against it if he had an ethical bone in his body." (via the Peta blog)

Channel 4 responded simply: "In this instance, a small payment was made additionally to our music blanket agreements for this trailer."

Here's the advert in question.

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