Check out his new artwork...
Morrissey x Rick Astley

Morrissey has sprung a surprise on fans - by RickRoll-ing David Bowie.

One of the first truly global internet memes, RickRoll-ing has become something of a digital institution. We've all done it at one point - been sent a link only to find that it leads to Rick Astley performing 'Never Gonna Give You Up'...

Now Morrissey has got in on the act. The singer is set to re-issue his solo single 'The Last of the International Playboys' and opted to use a photograph featuring David Bowie.

However the legendary singer refused permission for the shot to be used, forcing Morrissey to turn to his second choice. Yep: the new artwork for 'The Last of the International Playboys' features Morrissey seated next to Rick Astley following a 1989 Top Of The Pops performance.

That's the photo in question above (via Pitchfork) - check out the original video for 'Last Of The International Playboys'.


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