Morrissey Almost Guested On Friends

He was approached to perform at the Central Perk...

Now here’s a thing: Morrissey once came close to appearing on Friends.

The smash hit American comedy seduced a generation, becoming one of the biggest exports of 90s and 2000s. The list of guest stars is glowing – everyone from Bruce Willis to Julia Roberts via Reece Witherspoon took part in the show.

One name is absent, however: Morrissey. The Mancunian minstrel came exceptionally close to shooting a spot on Friends, before backing out.

The revelation appeared in his autobiography, and stems from a fleeting friendship with Elaine Stritch. The English artist was staying in LA, and had struck up an acquaintance with the actress, who invited him to come watch a live-to-tape shoot of Third Rock From The Sun.

Suitably enjoying the experience, Morrissey then accepted a different invite from Reprise Records, to watch Friends in action alongside the studio audience. While there, he was asked if he’s like to appear – as a doom-laden, depressive singer at Central Perk, the coffee hub and open mic made famous by the show.

As Morrissey puts it in his autobiography

Friends has become the most popular TV show in the world, showing life as it is commonly lived in America’s carefully preserved unreality. The cast is friendly, and I am immediately taken aside by the scriptwriters and asked if I’d jump in on a newly jumbled plot-line where I appear with the character Phoebe in the Central Perk diner, where I am requested to sing ‘in a really depressing voice’. Within seconds of the proposal, I wind down the fire-escape like a serpent, and it’s goodbye to Hollywood yet again.

Here’s a clip of the Friends cast reminiscing about that moment.

Morrissey’s new album ‘Without Music The World Dies’ is still searching for a means of release.

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