It's part of a new two tracker on Moveltraxx...

Morgan Hislop links with Moveltraxx for an exceptional new two tracker - lead track 'Umbra' is a bubbling piece of future-facing electronics. There's a Teklife remix by DJ Earl on the flip, too.

It caps a momentum-fuelled few months for the London artist, with some stellar radio slots and some outrageous DJ sets.

Hosting a release part on May 30th at London's Ace Hotel - ticket LINK - it's set to be a hot evening.

Morgan says that 'Umbra' is "the result of experimenting with new ways I was making tracks. I had found a real flow with making tools and edits for my club sets over the last year, it was the most immediate way I’d found of of completing tunes because it has a function, it’s like a brief to work to."

"With this approach I ultimately wanted to take what I consider my sonic palette that’s evident in my other music; usually a much denser sound, and just strip it back to great extremes. I was removing channels and sounds I was usually committed to including, until I was left with a sound that was a lot more raw, but still had elements that were familiar. Big vibrant chords and snipped vocals are still present but its a leaner listen. Just the bones are left."

"I sent the demo over to Moveltraxx and they said ‘don’t touch anything’ - leave it exactly the way it is. And that’s what UMBRA became. It’s a tool for club sets, something that’s comfortable to integrate and packs a punch. It’s different, but it’s also still me - a true one-off. The idea was raised about releasing it under a different alias, but to be honest I want to share the fact that I’m here experimenting and having fun with new approaches so think this works as a page out of my musical sketch book."

Tune in now.

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