Forthcoming on Bristol's Invada imprint...

Invada Records are set to give the soundtrack to Moonlight a full British release.

The acclaimed, multi award-winning film benefits from beautiful music throughout, helping to subtly expand on and augment the film's themes.

Invada will give Moonlight's soundtrack a full British release, shining fresh light on composer Nicholas Britell's work.

“Working with Barry (Jenkins, director) on Moonlight was a phenomenal experience,” Britell stated. “He has an immediate instinct about how music works with picture. We would sit in my studio, watching scenes from the film, and experimenting with different possibilities.”

“This is one of my favourite things to do - exploring musical textures, sounds, and ideas live against picture. When an idea works, you see how it can change perceptions of a scene. You really feel it.”

Continuing, Barry Jenkins explained that “[the] biggest breakthrough was when I expressed my love of ‘chopped and screwed’, a version of southern hip-hop where the music is slowed and the pitch altered. Rather than counter — chopping and screwing a classical orchestra is just not done — Nick dove headlong down the rabbit hole.”

Invada Records will release 'Moonlight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' on June 23rd.

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