MOLLY Share Punchy Shoegaze-Drenched ‘Ballerina’

It's based on a fairy-tale...

Austrian duo MOLLY have shared their new song ‘Ballerina’.

The band’s new album ‘Picturesque’ is incoming, and it finds the central songwriting duo taking new risks. Need an example? Well, try the succinct, pop-edged new single ‘Ballerina’.

Shoegaze with a post-rock vantage point, ‘Ballerina’ is intended as a blast of melody, and it certainly lives up to its promise. A focussed, dynamic return, it started as a challenge to condense their complex, wide-open ideas into something sharper.

“We started off with a specific goal to create a proper MOLLY track with all the usual quirks and features, but keep it under the four-minute mark,” explains singer/guitarist Lars Andersson. “Spoiler: we didn’t succeed, but it’s close enough I guess.”

The lyrics are actually based on the old Hans Christian Andersen story The Steadfast Tin Soldier – which happens to be one of Lars’ favourite fairy-tales. He adds: “It’s a bittersweet story about a tin soldier’s love for a paper ballerina. Like all the best fairy-tales it ends tragically, just like the song.”

Tune in now.

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