Mo Brandis Guides Clash Through His ‘Undercover’ EP

Captivating pop with an R&B edge...

Mo Brandis is a name to watch.

Blessed with an innately listenable voice, he seems to tell a story with each song, building up the narrative before knocking it back down.

Captivating pop with an R&B edge, the rising singer gathers his talents on new EP 'Undercover'.

A four track affair, it matches some personal lyricism to songwriting that pushes him still further.

Check out the EP in full below and then peruse his words of wisdom after the jump.

‘Undercover’ is about a girl I was friends with for five pretty painful years before we finally started dating! She was in a long-term relationship at the time, so I had to play it cool, but every time we saw each other I always kind of zoned out, I was trying hard to concentrate…

I wrote ‘Red Lights’ as a feel-good tune and morning boost for anyone who needs it… I know I do on most days! It’s about breaking out of your mind, pursuing your dreams and not letting anything or anyone stop you. I’m always really inspired by stories of people going against all odds – because they had their own vision and just kept going.

‘Like You Love Me’. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reminder to sometimes imagine you’re just at the beginning of a relationship, when you didn’t already know that person inside out. I also shot a video for it in Ibiza with a friend of mine, which will be released along with the EP, but don’t expect the usual Ibiza boat-party-beach-and-club-video, it’s a little bit different…

‘Some Things Never Change’ is a different vibe, more melancholy and emotional. It’s about having lost someone and finding yourself without that person, realising that it’s part of life that everything and everyone goes on like nothing has changed, although for you nothing’s the same any more.

– – –

'Undercover' EP will be released on November 10th.

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