Mnelia Shares ‘Closure Tapes’ In Full

"My own heartbreak Bible..."

UK R&B songwriter Mnelia has shared her new EP ‘Closure Tapes’.

The all-new 10 track document features some special work, with Mnelia on revelatory form. Out now, ‘Closure Tapes’ deals with difficult aspects of her life, while also offering chinks of light amid the darkness.

A project that offers, well, closure the new EP was constructed alongside long-term collaborators Gustav Landell and Albin Tengblad. In a note, Mnelia labels the results “my own heartbreak bible”.

She says:

In the process of healing, I birthed what feels like my own heartbreak bible. Creating this project was the perfect safe space for me to explore all the many emotions that being a new mother, whilst simultaneously dealing with heartache, delivered to my front door. Every song was birthed from the same sentiment, “speak from the heart.”

It just so happens that every-time my heart spoke, she was telling stories of love and love lost. I wanted for every song to reflect each stage of heartbreak, from upset to acceptance and even the fleeting feeling of regression at times. For the average lover, heartbreak isn’t a stranger. ‘Closure Tapes’ is a testament to that.

‘Genesis’ closes the project, before Mnelia helms an all-star remix featuring Miraa May, Joyce Wrice, and Bellah – a showcase of UK R&B feminine artistry. She says: “When it comes to R&B, remixes have a special home and I always knew that the first time I did one, it would have to be amazing. So it was a no-brainer calling my sisters up to shell it with me…”

Tune in now.

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