Mitch Rowland Announces Debut Album ‘Come June’

Check out the title track now...

Mitch Rowland will release his debut album ‘Come June’ later this year.

The songwriter has a lengthy association with Harry Styles. An artist with a relatively small profile, he was invited to contribute to the star’s debut album, with their relationship immediately blossoming.

Hits like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ followed, while Mitch actually met his wife – drummer Sarah Jones – while working as a member of Harry Styles’ touring band.

Returning to his own material, Mitch Rowland gradually brought his songwriting into focus. Set to be released through Styles’ own label, incoming album ‘Come June’ lands on October 6th via Giant Music / Erskine Records.

Mitch has just shared the title track in full, and it’s a refreshing, refulgent piece of songwriting, one marked by his ease of touch. Graceful, there’s a sense of LA lingering in the background, it’s pop lore and Laurel Canyon heritage.

“We were near the end of making this album, and this song came back to me,” he recalls.  “It wasn’t part of the plan because of how it was originally recorded with harder drums and bigger guitars – I never pictured it with the rest of the songs. But after some re-approaching and re-recording everything, this song started to mean something again. I guess you could say this is a song for Sarah.”

Tune in now.

1. Bluebells
2. Shadow Range
3. See The Way You Roll
4. On The Line
5. Illusionist
6. When It All Falls Down
7. The One I Love
8. Medium Low
9. Here Comes the Comeback
10. All The Way Back
11. Goes With Everything
12. Come June

Photo Credit: Luke Atkinson

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