Mirror Tree Details His New Self-Titled Album

It's out on September 8th...

Mirror Tree will release his new self-titled album on September 8th.

The songwriter was classically trained, previously basing himself in LA. Becoming a chartered pilot, his career took him further and further out, watching North America pass underneath him. Naturally, it filtered into his music.

Mirror Tree – real name Michael Gold – recalls…

I was flying around between all these native villages and all these little, muddy gravel air strips in a single-engine Cessna, in and out of snowstorms, and landing on ice-covered runways. Being a musician to me always felt like the path of least resistance a little bit, you know? And when I touched down in a place like Bethel, Alaska, I felt very firmly off of the path of least resistance.”

There’s a sense of the other-worldly to his music, with Mirror Tree blending baroque aspects to his probing lyricism. The new album lands on September 8th via Innovative Leisure, and two tracks are online now – an A-Side and a B-Side.

‘See It Through’ is “lyrically self-aware” and emerged from a lengthy writing process. Mirror Tree calls it “a song that took so long to write and underwent so many different versions that it ended up written about the process of writing it”.

Equally, ‘Tuesday’ is meant as a palette cleanser, an interlude whose cinematic quality is directly “inspired by classic film scores with an emphasis on string instruments and some 60’s inspired backing vocals.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Filip Nikolic

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