Minor Conflict’s ‘Living Statue’ Is An Inquisitive Return

New signings to PRAH Recordings...

Bristol group Minor Conflict have shared new song ‘Living Statue’.

The band seem to tap into that brief post-punk phase that melded rock’s more abstract side with free jazz, throwing in some folk aspects for good measure. A group who operate outside of expectations, Minor Conflict write on a communal basis, volunteering at Bristol’s non-profit space The Cube.

Making their bow with ‘Office Block’, the three-piece then signed to PRAH Recordings, who are charged with unleashing ‘Living Statue’ out to the waiting world.

A song that dazzles in its free-thinking stance, ‘Living Statue’ refuses to be hemmed in, darting in several different directions at one. Oblique yet also gripping, it finds Minor Conflict at their most imaginative.

The band explain…

“‘Living Statue’ is written from the perspective of a street performer who dresses in silver and mimics a statue with much skill and physical strain. The lyrics imagine the unique way in which you would see and interact with people, and also how you might become lost in abstract thoughts and experience time passing in a strange way.”

“We’re conscious in pushing ourselves and creating something different. The instrumentation of the band lends itself to that, but we also talk about it in writing sessions and work to explore new combinations of different instruments and voices.”

Tune in now.

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