Minecraft Creator Bought That Aphex Twin Record

Markus Persson splashes (a tiny bit of) his cash…

Remember yesterday when Clash reported that the super-rare, one-off test pressing of ‘Caustic Window’ by Aphex Twin had sold on eBay for upwards of $46,000? Well, now we know who actually bought it.

It was this guy:



Doesn’t ring any bells? Markus Persson (aka Notch, pictured) is a Swedish videogames developer and the owner of Mojang. Getting warmer? Yup, the studio behind block-building sandbox game Minecraft. Y’know, the same Minecraft with over 100 million registered players worldwide. In 2012, Persson – who’s been an Aphex Twin fan since forever – made over $100 million from the game. He’s now worth the best part of $150 million, apparently. A good chunk of that $46,000 is going to charity.

Cue: comments on gaming sites along the lines of, with reference to Richard D James: “They suck shit, almost as bad as Deadmaus”, and, “Gotta start them on dubstep young”. Which just goes to show that some people who are totally into games are as ignorant about music as those who worship at the alters of so many boring-ass white dudes with guitars can be about games.

You can listen to ‘Caustic Window’ here

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