Mind Bath’s ‘Laced’ Is An Ultra-Sensual R&B Jam

He's making moves...

Born in the Rockies, Mind Bath has become a creature of the world.

Spending time in Europe, he worked in Montreal for a while, absorbing elements of club scenes as disparate as Berlin and LA.

Debut EP 'I Was Young' marked out his avant R&B fixations, blending opaque electronics with soulful songwriting.

Something fresh is approaching, with Mind Bath now ready to share his divine new single 'Laced'.

Penned during a period of abstinence, 'Laced' transforms those frustrated feelings into an ultra-sensual R&B jammer.

The minimalist framework becomes something hyper-suggestive, forging new pathways in the process.

Airing through Clash, Mind Bath shares about the track:

"'Laced' is what it sounds like to fantasise about somebody. I wasn't having sex for a while, which was sexy, and that energy found it's way out in some of the new music…"

Tune in now.

– – –

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