Middle Name John’s ‘Different’ Harks Back To The Confusion Of Lockdown

It's embraces creative limitation...

London-based Middle Name John has shared new single ‘Different’.

The songwriter was born in Phoenix, but has called London home for over a decade now. It’s here that Middle Name John went through the various lockdowns – hidden away from the world, those restrictions actually accelerated his creativity.

Debut project ‘Obviously Confidential’ – order it on Bandcamp now – brings these ideas together in one place, a song cycle that yearns towards hope.

Co-produced and mixed by Alessandro La Barbera, new single ‘Different’ is emblematic of the album as a whole. Curious in its creativity, it finds Middle Name John embracing “bizarre limitations” to use some in-the-box trickery.

Off piste pop music with a quietly revelatory meaning to its maker, Middle Name John says of the song:

The recording process for this album was the most scattered of any project I had embarked on before. We were all locked down in a global pandemic but I knew I wanted to start a new project. I wanted it to be lyrical while reflecting on the strange times we were all experiencing as a society. I also knew that I wanted to work with a couple of close friends in whatever capacity I could, to somehow reach a level of interplay while embracing the bizarre limitations laid out in front of us.

The limitations of recording during a global pandemic inspired the music. Rather than trying to create a band sound I wanted to have a crack at creating something “in the box” or quasi-electronic. I was using contorted guitar sounds on wacky drum samples to ignite lyrical sparks that reflected the confusion and uncertainty of a time. And I don’t think the feeling of that time has gone away, thus it feels relevant to put it out

Tune in now.

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