Michael Jackson Royalties Up 70%

Massive increase in earnings

The estate of Michael Jackson has received an enormous boost in sales, with the late star’s royalties increasing by 70%.

The death of Michael Jackson was a tragedy which caused thousands across the globe to go into mourning. Yet according to the latest figures, that fatal injection has caused an incredible boost to the singer’s profile.

In the days and weeks following his death Michael Jackson’s music was played on almost every radio station across the globe. Topping charts around the world, the singer’s moribund career was given a huge boost.

Now new figures collected by the PRS For Music organisation claims that Michael Jackson has enjoyed a royalties boost of more than 70% since his death.

Recent reports had suggested that the estate of Michael Jackson has brought in more than $1 billion since his death. A concert film, live album and a career spanning greatest hits collection have all been released since the ‘Thriller’ icon’s death.

The statistics are simply staggering. More than 415,000 albums were sold in the first four days in America alone – and 2.3million songs were downloaded across the world.

Michael Jackon’s death is the first major celebrity incident in the internet era, and the growth of digital downloads meant that the singer’s entire back catalogue was available to purchase instantly.

His estate, run by two US lawyers, has recently signed the most lucrative recording contract ever – a $250million deal with Sony for continuing rights to his music and further unreleased songs. In addition to this, the Michael Jackson estate has signed a $200million contract with Cirque du Soleil to create a Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, a prominent Beatles re-issue campaign has increased the value of his share in the Fab Four’s songwriting catalogue.

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