Michael Jackson Didn’t Sing In The Simpsons

'Happy Birthday Lisa' was an impersonator

Michael Jackson was refused permission by his label Sony Music to sing on ‘The Simpsons’.

‘The Simpsons’ remains one of the finest comedies to appear on our TV screens. Sure, recent years have been notoriously lax on quality control, but at its peak the cartoon comedy could make you laugh and cry within minutes.

One of the real highlights of the show is ‘Stark Raving Dad’ in which Homer is sent to a lunatic asylum after wearing a pink shirt to work. There, he meets a man claiming to be Michael Jackson and takes him home after being released.

Michael Jackson supplied the voice, with the episode containing the specially written song ‘Happy Birthday Lisa’. Now the actress who voices Lisa Simpson has revealed that Sony Music blocked any attempted to get Jackson to sing on the show.

Instead, the iconic singer handpicked an impersonator to fill in his parts. Kipp Lennon recorded the track, and later went on to provide Jackson’s singing voice in the Stateside mini-series ‘The Jacksons: An American Dream’.

Speaking to TMZ, actress Yeardley Smith explained that although he provided the spoken parts for the show Michael Jackson did not record any songs with the cast.

Elsewhere, SoundScan have reported that Michael Jackson is continuing to post solid sales. When news of his death broke in 2009 the singer’s estate was submerged in debt but since then Jackson’s back catalogue has earned more than $300 million.

In total, Michael Jackson’s post-death album sales account for 33% of his post-1991 SoundScan tally. According to Billboard, the singer’s sales so far this year include 1.6 million tracks and 500,000 albums.

Taken across a 12 month period, Michael Jackson could reach over 1 million album sales in 2011.

Since his death, Michael Jackson’s Top Five best-selling tracks in the United States are:

“Billie Jean” (1.26 million)
“Man in the Mirror” (1.23 million)
“Beat It” (1.11 million)
“Thriller” (1.04 million)
“Smooth Criminal” (872,000).

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