Jewel encrusted glove sold

A number of iconic items worn by Michael Jackson have been sold at auction in New York.

Michael Jackson came of age in the confines of Motown. Sounding like Sly Stone but with moves that could rival James Brown, the tiny star took the world by storm as part of family group The Jackson 5.

Departing Motown to launch his solo career, the singer returned to the Detroit stable for an all star television special in 1983. Taking to the stage wearing on white glove, encrusted with jewels the singer's performance would become an iconic pop moment.

Michael Jackson breezed through a number of hits, before stunning fans with a new dance move - the moonwalk. Instantly replicated in playgrounds across the globe, it marked the opening salvo in the peak of the icon's career.

A new auction sold a number of items relating to Michael Jackson's career. The iconic 'Moonwalk' glove sold at auction in New York recently for $350,000 (£212,000), according to BBC News.

The glove was bought by Hong Kong businessman Hoffman Ma, who promises to keep the glove on public display at his hotel in Macau, China.

Meanwhile a leather jacket worn on the 'Bad' tour in 1989 sold for an astonishing $225,000. A more reasonable price was offered for a fedora hat - a snip at only $22,000.

A total of 70 items relating to Michael Jackson were sold at auction, with auctioneer Darren Julien telling the BBC: "It's a tribute to his life and career - he's truly an amazing artist."

The prices for Michael Jackson memorabilia now top those paid for by fans of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

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