Get to know the Berlin three-piece...

Cult heroes The Blood Arm relocated from the West Coast of American to Germany, moving from California to Germany before disintegrating.

A few members have joined Hannes Neupert to form a German language tribute to The Fall, before axing this and focussing on original material.

Barbed synth-punk melded with heavy duty literary influences, Mexican Radio's new album 'Destruction/Reconstruction' is out on September 20th through R.I.P. Ben Lee Records.

We're able to share new cut 'Night Of The Nihilist', and it fuses their Brutalist sense of digital sound alongside references to the Russian nihilist movement from the 1860s.

Throwing in a few references to royal assassinations, the lyrics also reference the nihilist character Bazarov from Ivan Turgenev’s novel Fathers and Sons.

Mexican Radio explain: "The song is about rejecting everything, wreaking righteous havoc and still managing to have a good time in the process. There’s also a conspiratorial vibe to the song, it’s almost like a manifesto written behind closed doors by people who are eager to unleash their 'holy hate' on the world outside as soon as the sun comes up - once they’ve finished dancing the night away."

They add: "Most of us can’t relate to throwing a bomb at an emperor’s carriage, but I think we can all understand that feeling of desperation when you're backed into a corner and the only way out of a situation is to destroy everything around you."

Tune in now.

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