METZ, IDLES’ Joe Talbot Align For ‘Come On Down’

A unique crossover event...

METZ align with IDLES singer Joe Talbot on new song ‘Come On Down’.

The Canadian noise rock band have just shared a double drop blast of new material, led by previously unreleased song ‘Heaven’s Gate’ – the track originally appeared on the Cyberpunk 2077 video game soundtrack, and it’s now online in full.

Intriguingly, the next song is a unique crossover event, on a par with those comics where the Incredible Hulk would join the Fantastic Four for 24 pages. Yep, IDLES’ Joe Talbot is now a (fleetingly temporary) member of METZ (sort of).

Well, he donates his vocals to ‘Come On Down’ and it’s a scorching belch of guitar-addled noise, something that feels assured in its feedback-drenched bedlam.

METZ’ Alex Edkins comments…

“‘Come On Down’ was originally recorded during the Atlas Vending sessions but never fully finished. During the pandemic I really gravitated towards the idea of collaboration as a way to fill the void left by the loss of live music. I reached out to friends from far and wide in order to get that feeling of community that gigs provide. Joe Talbot (IDLES) is a longtime friend who METZ has shared the stage with many, many times, and this song was a very natural and fun way to catch up with him and do something positive with our time off the road.”

Joe Talbot comments: “METZ have been a band we’ve looked up to since they came into our lives and made things better. I will never forget the first time I saw them or any of the other times. Allowing me to sing with them is a gift and I hope you like it. I love it and I love them. Long live METZ.”

Tune in now. 

Photo Credit: AF Cortes

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