Metronomy Announce New Single ‘I’m Aquarius’

Set to be streamed via The Night Sky app...

Metronomy are set to release their new single 'I'm Aquarius' later this month.

Metronomy have always embraced technology. The project began in Joe Mount's bedroom, before beginning its meandering journey to the charts.

Working on fresh material, Metronomy teased their next move at the tail end of last week. Now the band have confirmed the release of new single 'I'm Aquarius' – and a unique streaming method.

From November 11th fans will be able to stream 'I'm Aquarius' via The Night Sky app. A new method of streaming music, fans must log on at 7pm and point their phones at the sky.

The app will be able to recognise where you are standing, providing names for the objects in the night sky. City dwellers will be delighted to know that the app can fill in the blanks, showcasing the objects obscured from your view by clouds, smog or even light pollution.

By pointing your phone towards the Aquarius constellation and clicking, the app will being playing the new single. Available for a week, it's a pretty special way of introducing their new material.

Here are the necessary links:

'The Night Sky' app (iPhone users)

'The Night Sky' app (Android users)

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