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Merz is preparing a new version of recent album 'No Compass Will Find Home'.

Conrad Lambert has always thrown himself open to new possibilities, new methods of working. Using the name Merz, the songwriter recently constructed new album 'No Compass Will Find Home' with the aid of Swiss musician Julian Sartorius.

Much more than a percussionist, Sartorius helped shape the amorphous, open ended nature of the material. Adding unexpected textures and timbres, the collaboration results in one of the most rewarding records Merz has yet released.

Now Julian Satorius is set to step in and provide an extensive re-working of 'No Compass Will Find Home'. Using the original tapes, the percussionist has stepped in to provide a series of overdubs and alternate mixes, pushing the material in a new direction.

Out on November 18th via Accidental and Everestrecords, the 'Drum & Vocal Renditions' is a radical counterpoint to the original release. Ahead of this, Clash is able to offer the exclusive stream of an alternate vision of 'Toy'.

Supple, subtle and deeply cerebral, it's a dense, exploratory re-working which nonetheless has a wry wink for the listener.

Check it out now.

'No Compass Will Find Home (Drum & Vocal Renditions)' will be released on November 18th.

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