New London date confirmed...

Sweden artist Menke has a careful, precise, but endlessly suggestive sound.

It's been there right from her first release - debut EP 'Till Havet' landed in 2018, and found Menke arranging music for eight poems by Swedish author Karin Boye.

New single 'Echo' finds Menke taking charge of lyrics, somehow both disguising and revealing at the same time.

The song itself deals in reflections, with the songwriter amplifying this concept in the video.

"What’s an echo?" she asks. "An echo is a reflection of sound. The visual expression of an echo is reflection. So, the visual concept for the 'Echo' music video is reflections. All material need light to be able to reflect something, just like an echo needs a source of sound."

"The main character in the music video is therefore light and the reflection of it," the Swedish artist continues. "The laser beams are the imprint that through reflection creates a new meaning, just like the echo of our experience forms us to become who we are. We are constantly changing and so is everything in the world. When the laser beams hit the ice it starts to transform and melt. Once completely turned into water we can still recall the impression of the ice as an echo within us."

She finishes: "The echo and the reflections always belong to the past. Also, we find ourselves in the reflection of others. Reflect who you are."

Tune in now.

Catch Menke at London's Golden Slippers on May 13th.

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