It plays with light and shade...

Screensaver began as a project that crossed oceans, a long-distance songwriting endeavour that brought disparate elements together.

Settling in Melbourne, the group match skeletal post-punk against flecks of melody, continually playing on light and shade.

New album 'Expressions Of Interest' is out on October 8th, and it provides Screensaver with space to explore that often contradictory elements.

Take new single 'Skin'. There's a lingering darkness in the background, but Screensaver are able to ring this with an assured halo of light.

An intriguing moment of development, their take on guitar pop songwriting views those tropes from an askew vantage point, enabling them to build in a fresh direction.

The band comment...

"Thematically, 'Skin' is about being human and navigating decision making. It’s about embracing accountability for your decisions, even when the outcome is undesirable. I guess you could say it’s a song born of frustration; we live in a world where accountability is the exception rather than the norm. It contemplates whether we all just need to learn to sit with discomfort more."

"Musically it’s quite gloomy but buoyant, it’s a sound that as a band we’re quite fond of, can you be sad but still dance to this? Yes – fantastic. It’s textural as well, reverb-soaked percussion throughout the song gives it dimension and a pulse with a sense of underlying urgency."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nicole Reed

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