Meelo’s ‘Aria’ EP Engages With Peace

Tune in now...

London instrumentalist Meelo has shared his ‘Aria’ EP in full.

Nominally a bass player by trade, Meelo has worked on all manner of projects. Notably signed to the likes of Goya Gumbani and Subculture in their live performances, he’s worked as a session player and a music therapist.

Sadly suffering an accident on his bike – the wheel jammed, resulting in a nasty spill – he broke his arm, spending time away convalescing, honing his production skills and writing poetry.

New EP ‘Aria’ taps into this energy. His sloping bass lines – so redolent of jazz and neo-soul – act as an anchor, while the song cycle attempts to engage with peace.

A calming listen, opener ‘Day’ feels like you’re watching the sunrise, while Pearl De Luna graces ‘Equinox In Bloom’ with her majestic vocals.

Closing with the mediative ‘Patience’, he comments:

In an overwhelmingly disempowering world, ‘Aria’ is an attempt to engage in the peace process in a personal way, for this short period of time it’s a work which gave me enough strength to maintain my own self which for me is the most primary of political acts.

Tune in now.

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