McCartney Talks Dylan Collaboration

Plus songwriter wants to work with MGMT

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has revealed his desire to work with legendary songwriter Bob Dylan.

A far as heavyweight collaborations go, you can’t get two bigger names than Sir Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan. Between them, the pair have written some of the most influential music ever pressed into hot wax, revolutionising the way the record industry works.

Sir Paul McCartney expressed a desire to work with Bob Dylan earlier this year. The pair have crossed paths numerous times, although they have never worked together. Dylan has, though, recorded with former Beatle George Harrison as part of the Travelling Wilburys.

In a new interview Sir Paul McCartney reveals that he has not been in contact with Bob Dylan. “So much has been written about me doing a collaboration with Bob or me doing a collaboration with Ringo and Bob,” he said.

“But that is not happening yet. We’re nowhere near.

“I did say I wanted to work with Bob but that was ages ago and he hasn’t been in touch. I can’t contact him. That’s not cool.”

The musician then joking rapped “hey Bob, what’s happening? Where’s the party?”

Bob Dylan has yet to comment on the rumours.

Speaking to gossip website Zoegriffin the former Beatle also revealed that he wanted to work with MGMT. “I’d like to work on some more dancey stuff with MGMT. But it has to happen organically.”

He added: “We need to talk about it. I can’t call them. If they called me, I’d say, ‘How did you get my number?’. But I’d do it.”

McCartney has worked on electronic projects before, with the new album by his group The Fireman containing dance elements. Titled ‘Electric Arguments’ it was hailed as the songwriter’s strongest effort in some time upon its release last year.

The songwriter is set to look backwards later this year. McCartney was present at the launch of the new game ‘Rock Band: The Beatles’ which allows fans to step into the shoes of the Fab Four.

Also on a Beatles kick the group’s entire back catalogue is set to be re-released later this year. With a cleaned up sound and booklets detailing the band’s career this could be one step closer to the fabled digital release.

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