McCartney Deportation Secrets

Beatle Expelled From Germany

Sir Paul McCartney was deported from Germany for setting fire to condoms, it has emerged.

The Liverpudlian musical legend was touring with The Beatles when the incident happened. The Beatles famously honed their trade in the sleazy clubs of Hamburg, a period in their lives immortalized in the motion picture ‘Backbeat’.

Original drummer Pete Best, who played with the group in Hamburg, was interviewed by Absolute Radio when he made the revelation. “We were deported for burning condoms. We defected to another club who paid us more money to play. And we’d been staying in the back of the van.”

“We went back to pack our belongings up and being good, clean living lads, we had some condoms on us, and we pinned them on the wall and they spluttered. Let’s get it clear, they weren’t used. For those of you who might try to burn rubbers, please don’t, because they smell horrible. But they spluttered, gave us enough light to throw our belongings together, but as a result of that we were charged with trying to burn the van down.”

“They’d been used for many other things since then, but at that particular time they served its purpose.”

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