Maxwell Varey’s ‘Falling Down’ Deals With The Mental Health Epidemic

A bold piece of indie songwriting...

Maxwell Varey has shared his moving new single ‘Falling Down’.

The Wigan songwriter speaks from the heart, gaining a connection with fans thanks to his frank honesty. Heartfelt lyricism matched to huge melodies, he matches an awareness of gritty reality with a homespun romanticism.

Take new single ‘Falling Down’. A song about mental health, it’s about how an epidemic has quietly swept over a generation of young people, who are all-too-often left to fall between the cracks.

Produced alongside John Foyle, ‘Falling Down’ is a note of empathy, as well as containing a quiet sense of rebellion. A freshly made anthem for his followers, it’s the start of something riveting, and truly important.

He comments…

“’Falling Down’ is my commentary on how drug abuse has become normalised in my generation (my mates) and how this correlates to an epidemic of mental health issues. Also, it’s pointing towards the ‘rat race’ that life has become for many young working-class people in the current state of UK politics and how this is the overall catalyst to substance abuse for emotional relief.”

Tune in now.

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