Debbie Bower directs the band's new clip...
Maximo Park

Maximo Park have shared the video for their new song 'What Equals Love?'.

The band blazed back with new album 'Risk To Exist' earlier this month, an energetic and politicised return from the indie titans.

Album highlight 'What Equals Love?' has now been given the full video treatment, directed by Debbie Bower.

The colourful clip picks up on the album's sleeve art, as Debbie explains:

"For the 'What Equals Love' video a few things got me thinking about how a video might work that just used the gesture and movement of hands. Firstly all these moving arms and hands of the audience that fill my vision when I see a band like Maximo Park, and how these bits of bodies are often silhouetted against the stage lights. On the other side there is the hands of the band - the rhythm, communication and expression that comes through these hands - particularly through the singer."

"Visually I was feeling inspired by the use of hands in some of the De La Soul videos, and then also in some of the photograms by Laszlo Maholy-Nagy & Man Ray where they worked with hands and overlaying them."

Tune in now.

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