Max Richter Launches Ambitious SRM Sounds

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Max Richter and Studio Richter Mahr have announced new project SRM Sounds.

The project is essentially an all-new audio workshop, led by the revered composer, and his multimedia production studio, Studio Richter Mahr. Having built a gorgeous studio in the English countryside, Max Richter now wants musicians to be able to harness that sound.

As such, SRM Sounds works with ex-Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans and his new venture Song Athletics to bring the instruments in his studio to digital life, beginning with his piano.

Available now, SRM Sounds #1 starts with the gorgeous piano in his main room – in essence, once you’ve downloaded it, any composer around the world can use that sound, and ‘play’ as though Max Richter himself was there.

The composer comments…

“For composers, sound is an incredibly personal and very emotional thing. For many of us, the experience of falling in love with the physical and tactile aspects of sound is what got us into music in the first place, so working with sounds that aren’t quite right is really disturbing. Therefore, we decided to make our own virtual instrument collection, using the wonderful acoustics and technical resources of Studio Richter Mahr. These instruments have the colours that I love to use to tell the stories I want to tell.” 

An incredible development, you can find out more on how to download it HERE.

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