Producer to play Electrowerkz tonight (November 4th)

Max Cooper has unveiled a new fan produced video ahead of a London show tonight (November 4th).

It's perhaps a given that electronic music is mathematically precise. Handing music over to the machines, each beat can be delivered in the most clinical, exacting manner that science can permit.

But Max Cooper took things to a new level with his 'Serie' releases. Using science and maths as thematic launching pads, each track had a design which seemed utterly unique.

Confirming the release of his 'Amalgamations' EP the producer has managed to mix his more cerebral indulgences with a kinetic techno feel. Out on Monday (November 7th) Max Cooper recently asked fans to craft a video for lead cut 'Third'.

Flooded with weird and wonderful ideas, Max Cooper has picked one clip to showcase online. Watch the video below...

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Meanwhile, Max Cooper is gearing up for a one off show in London tonight (November 4th). The producer will trace the past year's output and gives a few clues as to what his debut full length is set to contain.

Max Cooper is set to play the following show:

4 London Electrowerkz

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