New scheme launched

Matthew Herbert is set to helm a new version of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

At one point, the BBC housed some of the most far out, ground-breaking musicians on the planet. Responsible for countless cues, themes and indents the BBC Radiophonic Workshop made several stunning forays into electronic music.

Remaining hugely influential, the project is set to be re-ignited later this year. Matthew Herbert has been chosen to helm a new version of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, with funding being provided by The Space.

A new scheme from the BBC and the Arts Council, The Space are already responsible for placing John Peel's record collection online - turning them into our new best friends almost overnight.

Speaking to the Independent, Matthew Herbert was quick to salute the lasting legacy of the original Radiophonic pioneers. “What the (original) workshop achieved was the pinnacle of electronic music in this country, and it is all the more extraordinary given that it was conceived in the 50s" he explained.

Continuing, the producer reflected on his first commission and opened new avenues of exploration. “The first thing is to define the sound of ‘The Space’. There is a black hole in the internet and that is ‘sound’. I’m interested in bringing together musicians and software technicians. You can tell stories in sound that you can’t do with images.”

The initial incarnation of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop produced some pieces, notably several versions of the 'Doctor Who' theme. Seemingly, Matthew Herbert is keen for any remaining members of the initial team to join the new version of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

“We are interested in bringing them with us but we are also keen to find new, young people working in technology,” he said.

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