Matilda Mann Shares New Single ‘Stranger (for now)’

Her new EP 'Wonder' is incoming...

Rising songwriter Matilda Mann has shared her hushed new song 'Stranger (for now)'.

Fresh from supporting Holly Humberstone at her standout London show, Matila Mann has laid out details for a new EP.

Out on September 24th, 'Sonder' was crafted during lockdown, and it's an attempt to cultivate empathy and absorb the inter-connecting relationships between people.

"'Sonder' means; the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own," she explains in a press note. "For me, this was something I realised while in the middle of lockdown. I had all the time in the world to take a step back and see how other people lived their lives, in a way I hadn’t thought of before."

"I named the EP 'Sonder' because each song was either written about someone else, or for someone else. All the tracks were written this year, and I was writing a lot for friends going through a hard time and trying to make a song they could relate to…"

'Stranger (for now)' is beautifully simple, with its restrained melody interwoven around lyrics that speak of a gentle curiosity in the lives of others.

Crafted alongside Oscar Scheller and Jonah Summerfield, you can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Werner

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