Maths Time Joy, Rich Share Gorgeous Live Take On ‘Move’

It's a sumptuous listen...

A huge part of Maths Time Joy's art rests on collaboration.

As a musician and producer, the UK figure seems able to blend his talents with others, resulting in something truly special.

Take this new collaboration with New York vocalist Rich. The two combine on 'Move', part of a broader EP that brings their voices together.

The only song from the EP to be constructed in the same room, it's a gorgeous listen, an oblique piece of R&B that resonates with a very modern sense of soul.

Maths Time Joy explains: "Rich initially came with the demo idea and I loved it straight away. I think this was the moment we realised we shared the same intuition musically and the project developed from there…"

This live clip pushes 'Move' in a fresh direction, a raw performance that exudes pure feeling. The lyrics cut deeper than most, clearly touching upon a personal space in both artist's lives.

Rich explains: “I had been recording and touring extensively for the past couple of years leading up to our first session together but there were moments when it felt kind of like I was running on a treadmill. I think this song is mostly a reminder to myself to breathe, take it slow, keep my balance, and move forward inch by inch.”

Tune in now.

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