Featuring members of Frightened Rabbit, Editors, and Minor Victories...

Now here's a thing...

Ever wondered what would happen if you put members of Frightened Rabbit, Editors, and Minor Victories in the same room?

Something heavy, seemingly. Mastersystem will release their debut album on April 6th, and it matches lyrical introspection with grunge-fuelled riffs worthy of Mudhoney or Sabbath.

Scott Hutchison explains: "I thought it would be interesting to play around with the themes of restlessness and dissatisfaction on this album, both as a counterpoint to the exuberance of the music and as an obvious reference to the angst and tension I heard in the grunge and fuzz of my teenage years."

"This is not the angst of a teenager, however. This is the anxiety of a man in his mid-30s, and for a lot of this record I found myself wrestling with the ways in which I am not quite doing life right, in spite of appearing to lead a relatively joyful, playful and artistic existence."

New song 'The enlightenment' opens with scratchy guitar noise, gradually coalescing into a thundering riff, driven by pummelled drums and Scott's yearning vocal.

It's curious to see these musicians operate in a different sphere, especially when they do it so well.

Pulse-quickening rock fare, you can check out 'The enlightenment' below...

Mastersystem will release new album 'Dance Music' on April 6th.

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