Remix album in the works

ClashMusic has learned that Bristol trip hop legends Massive Attack are set to work with dubstep producer Burial.

Massive Attack began life as the loose-knit collective known as The Wild Bunch. A hugely influential soundsystem in Bristol the DJ rig allowed the young musicians to explore a huge range of influences.

Despite moving on into production and working with some of their heroes Massive Attack have never lost their lust for new music. In a new interview with ClashMusic the band's Daddy G spoke a length of his love for dubstep.

Listing a number of new producers, Daddy G also claimed that in places he can see where his group may have influenced the new wave of bass driven producers.

However the Massive Attack hero was later to drop a bombshell. "I don't know if I should really say this" began Daddy G.

"What the plan is... you know that Mad Professor record that we did? (1995's 'No Protection'). Essentially trying to get that together, where Burial essentially remixes quite a lot of the new tracks. Brings out a different version of quite a lot of the tracks that we've done".

"We've been listening to a lot of the stuff that he does and he's just amazing. The way he does his layers, his drums and stuff like that. The dubstep thing is amazing, there's a lot of really good people there - Kode9 is great as well. These kids are just amazing and we want to be part of that".

Massive Attack are set to release their new album in February next year. There is no timescale for the Burial remix project.

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