Those Mad Professor remixes could finally set the light of day...

Massive Attack could be set to release the long lost Mad Professor-helmed dub version of 'Mezzanine'.

Massive Attack have always been vocal about the importance of their visuals. From their origins as a soundsystem collective through to their embrace of digital technology, the Bristol crew have continually urged fans to embrace both music and imagery as one coherent body.

New book '3D and the art of Massive Attack' traces this journey, featuring plenty of stunning, lesser spotted gems along the way. 3D - real name Robert del Naja - was instrumental throughout, and spoke to Clash recently about the project in anticipation of a full feature which will go online next week.

Whilst we had the producer on the phone, Clash couldn't resist asking 3D about the prospect of new material. "We’ve got a few different things. We’re working with various people at the moment, so nothing I can really go into. I’ve done a few things for the Battle Box label, with Jupiter Bokonjdi – a Congolese artist – and a couple of pieces with Guy Garvey. I mean, a lot of the stuff we’re still working on..."

However 3D did reveal that an alternate version of 'Mezzanine' could gain an official release. During the process of clearing the archive, the producer uncovered Mad Professor's dub version of the 1998 album - which was planned for release at the time before being shelved.

"In fact, we uncovered the Mad Professor version of ‘Mezzanine’ – he remixed the whole of the album back in ’98. Which we never did anything with" the producer admitted. "So we might put that out!"

Asked what the material sounds like, 3D replied: "It’s quite fun, actually, yeah! It’s been in the archive, just sat there for the best part of fifteen years. Mad."

As ever with all things Massive Attack, our advice is to wait and see... here's the Mad Professor Mazaruni Instrumental remix of 'Teardrop' as a taster.

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