Mercy mercy me...
Robin Thicke

The family of late soul icon Marvin Gaye have rejected the offer of a settlement from Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke isn't used to be turned down. Hell, the singer's massive summer hit 'Blurred Lines' spells this out explicitly: if you turn him down, it's most likely because you're in denial about how great he is.

Well, Marvin Gaye's family don't think so. 'Blurred Lines' contains clear echoes (to our ears, at least) of the soul icon's 1977 smash 'Got To Give It Up' and the row could lead to a court case.

Amid controversy over songwriting credits, Robin Thicke attempted to sue Gaye's family - seemingly in an effort to force the case to court. However Billboard now reports "knowledgable" sources who claim that Thicke offered the family a six figure sum to settle the case.

The soul icon's son Marvin Gaye III recently spoke to TMZ, offering a little insight into the conversation going on behind closed doors. "There's a way to do business and way to not do business" he said, "and we're not happy about the way he's doing business".

Mercy mercy me...

Compare and contrast the two songs below.

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