Martin Carr Introduces ‘New Shapes Of Life’

Check out wonderful new track 'Future Reflections'...

Martin Carr is set to release new album 'New Shapes Of Life' on October 27th.

The former Boo Radleys artist released previous album 'The Breaks' a few years back now, an intriguing document that dealt with the songwriter's increased feeling of isolation from the world around him.

Spending time working – unsuccessfully, he adds – on pop projects for other acts, the death of David Bowie left an enormous impact on Martin Carr.

Sparking a period of re-analysis, he emerged stronger and definitely reinvigorated. He explains: "I was wasting my time scrabbling around in the dirt for pennies, making myself more and more miserable. I reflected on how many years I'd wasted chasing smoke and mirrors, living the life of an artist but neglecting the art."

"I ditched everything else I was working on and decided to write a new album rather than waiting until I had a few songs. I started completely from scratch, writing and recording, often at the same time, in my home studio in Cardiff. I was looking for a sound and a voice to call my own. That was the starting point. The theme was to be myself, to attempt to discover what made me tick, to work out why I behaved the way I did. I wanted to go deeper and find more room in the depths."

New album 'New Shapes Of Life' is the result. Out on October 27th, it's a vital, probing, searching return, one that pushes the songwriter to the outermost limits of his capabilities.

New song 'Future Reflections' is a wonderful example of his artistry, the gentle piano notes lingering against the soothing vocal.

Tune in now.

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