It's about peer envy, and being left behind...

Your 20s are a confusing time.

The furious energy of the teens is beginning to abate, and all around you friends, family, and peers are beginning to settle down, finding new focus.

Except, it seems, you. Peer envy is common trait, and it's something Marsicans have been through, channelling it in their introspective new indie piece 'Your Eyes'.

Rob Brander explains: "'Your Eyes' is a song about a particular time in my life when I felt I was being left behind by those around me. Everyone I had grown up with was making these big ‘life’ decisions and overarching plans for the future, whilst I was still treading water. I wondered what they might think of me, or whether they were secretly feeling unsure of them-selves but putting up a front. I think it’s impossible not to judge ourselves by the successes of our peers."

Retaining their catchy indie songcraft, 'Your Eyes' comes equipped with a beguiling video. Marsicans continues:

“For this one, we teamed up with our friends at Sodium, an independent film company based in Leeds who are doing some amazing things. The video basically shows our alternative selves watching our real selves performing. So it's something of a 'what might have been...' if we all didn't choose to pursue a career in music, tying in with the song's main theme about choosing your path in life.”

Tune in now.

Catch Marsicans at the following shows:

13 Preston Dark Room
21 Leeds Jumbo Records in-store *free entry
22 Lincoln Engine Shed
23 Luton The Edge

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