Mark Chapman Parole Denied

John Lennon's killer to remain behind bars

John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman has been denied parole for a sixth time, and must spend at least two more years behind bars.

After devoting his life to peace, John Lennon was killed in the cruellest way possible. Shot dead by a crazed fan, the former Beatle died just yards from his home in the arms of his wife Yoko Ono.

Found guilty of murder, Mark Chapman has recently been attempting to gain his release. Allowed to apply for parole after twenty years in prison, the murderer recently submitted his sixth application for release.

Chapman has had a spotless prison record for fifteen years, although five previous attempts to gain release had failed. Submitting his application earlier this year, the killer was forced to wait for a decision by a parole panel.

In a new ruling a court in New York ruled that Mark Chapman must remain behind bars. The killer’s sixth attempt at parole ended in failure, with a parole board arguing that the murdered displayed a “disregard” for human life.

“This premeditated, senseless and selfish act of tragic consequence… leads to the conclusion that your discretionary release remains inappropriate at this time and incompatible with the welfare of the community.”

Yoko Ono has long stated her objection to release of Mark Chapman, on the grounds that he could become a threat to herself and her family.

Although the killer does not now display signs of obsession with John Lennon, Chapman has had moments of lucidity before. The young fan lived a relatively ordinary life for the bulk of the 70s, before developing signs of mental illness.

Obsessed with both ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ and John Lennon, Mark Chapman travelled across the United States to kill the iconic songwriter and peace activist.

Mark Chapman will now serve a further two years behind bars, with his next parole hearing set to take place in August 2010.

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