Newcomer self-taught, she claims

Hotly tipped newcomers Marina And The Diamonds have spoken to ClashMusic about their debut album.

Marina Diamandis is a unique pop talent. Electric onstage, her inventive shriek belies the deeply held emotions that litter her songwriting.

Joined by her backing band, Marina And The Diamonds are one of the year's most hyped new groups. The band have recorded a stunning debut album, with 'The Family Jewels' tipped to become a landmark release.

Receiving lavish praise, Marina Diamandis spoke to ClashMusic about her early experiences of music. Recalling her time at school in Wales, the singer revealed that she was not given any musical education.

“I don’t come from a musical background and I sort of started producing songs on my own,” she explains. “I probably have a bit of a different sound because I don’t really know what I’m doing!”

A few singles last year have helped propel Marina And The Diamonds into the mainstream, with even Kanye West admitting to being a fan. The rapper posted a video on his blog, sparking frenzied media interest.

Not that this has fazed the singer. “I always think that I’m not big at all,” she admits.

Marina finishes by giving ClashMusic a small insight into her debut album. "I think it’s a really diverse album stylistically speaking because I’m such a flexible writer,” she says. “So there’s a lot of pop on it, but there’s kind of a lot of leftfield experimental stuff as well. It’s basically an album about what not to be.”

Marina And The Diamonds are set to release their debut album 'The Family Jewels' later this year.

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