Marina Allen’s ‘Deep Fake’ Confronts Unsettling Societal Aspects

Check out the remarkable new video...

Marina Allen has shared vivid new song ‘Deep Fake’.

The songwriter’s third album lands on June 7th via Fire Records, coupled to record release shows in Los Angeles, New York City and London. Set to support Ben Howard on a full European run, Marina Allen has every right to feel confident about the veracity of her material – and new single ‘Deep Fake’ is the perfect example.

A song born from a prompt – an artist challenge, in other words – it rises to focus on unsettling societal issues. The concept of a ‘Deep Fake’ seems to cut deep, and it opens out other factors – femininity, patriarchal barriers, and more.

Marina Allen elaborates…

“‘Deep Fake’ felt like a little revelation. It spun from this writing workshop I took, led by Chris Weisman. I took guitar lessons from him when I was 20. He has all these tools for songwriting, and ‘Deep Fake’ came out of a prompt. I can’t even remember what the prompt was. It’s sort of two different songs that I just put together. I wanted the first part to feel really personal, like talking to someone you love. It’s also about naming all of these very complicated things that make up our culture. Recognising them as a reality. But to confront them and see it as sacred.”

The striking video was shot by Callie Hernandez, who transposes Marina Allen’s face on to other portraits – it’s both surreal, and engaging. The film maker says:

“The video superimposes Marina’s face onto the faces of myriad women via sourced archival footage- AKA “Deep Fake.” The latter half of the video was shot on a glitchy DV camera, which was intentionally used to further blur the line between reality and fiction; real and unreal.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jasper McMahon

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