Maribou State’s ‘Blackoak’ Is An Ode To The Countryside

Tune in now...

Maribou State have shared new song ‘Blackoak’.

The production duo are back, sharing their first dose of fresh material in two years. Entering new arenas, Maribou State take things back to their roots on this all-new release.

Out now, ‘Blackoak’ is informed by a longing for the countryside, by an eagerness to explore open spaces, and green pastures. Looking to the landscapes that forged their Hertfordshire adolescence, they use these memories as a crutch for future-facing electronics.

Deft, dynamic, and melodic, ‘Blackoak’ was constructed in the space of a day, before being completed with a choir formed by friends. In a neat twist, Maribou State have made a donated to the Woodland Trust, the equivalent to £1 of every vinyl sold.

Maribou State comment…

The song was written at a difficult time for both ourselves and everyone else involved. Over the past few years we’d both begun to struggle with our sense of selves and how connected we felt to our roots in Britain.

The world being in a state of flux seemed to amplify this feeling of disillusion but it led us to explore all the things we loved about where we’re from; the musicians, from artists like David Bowie and The Beatles, through to The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, and also the likes of Burial,  Aphex Twin and Sault; all the electronic genres born here, from Jungle to UK Garage and IDM; and Festivals, namely Glastonbury, the countryside and English summers.

In ‘Blackoak’ we tried to capture the spirit of all these things, and it unintentionally helped us reconcile some of our feelings of indifference. For us it sits at the apex of our musical journey so far.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Fabrice Bourgelle

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