Maria Chiara Argirò Shares Meditative Moment ‘Floating’

Her new album 'Closer' is out shortly...

Maria Chiara Argirò returns with new single ‘Floating’.

The electronic composer has gained plaudits from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Four Tet, and Bradley Zero, her astute work blending club tropes with something other-worldly. New album ‘Closer’ is out on April 26th, and each preview has offered a scintillating glimpse of her work.

Set to play London’s Lower Third on April 25th, new song ‘Floating’ riffs on unreality, a meditative moment designed to transport the listener out of their daily lives.

An area of pause and reflection, ‘Floating’ offers a hazy blend of dream-like digitalism, while also carrying a wistful sense of nostalgia.

She comments…

“While writing ‘Floating’, I was deeply thinking about a mind exploration of the reality/unreality of things, life/subconscious/conscious, the quiet moments vs the noise moments and the dreams vs reality. Floating, blurry images that become reality or mix with the imagination and vice-versa. Lyrically, it’s like a mantra and we end up floating (in the dreams or reality?)”

Tune in now.

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