Welsh group use lost lyrics

Welsh rock legends Manic Street Preachers have opened up on the decision to use lyrics written by their former bandmate Richey Edwards.

A massive part of the band, Richey Edwards helped define the group's lyrical and visual stance. A renowned rock poet, he gathered a cult following in his own right which only increased in veracity after he went missing in 1995.

The musician has not been seen since his car was discovered near the Severn Bridge - a notorious suicide spot. He left behind him a number of notebooks which have remained untouched until recently.

Edwards' family had the missing rock star declared legally dead last year, and soon after Manic Street Preachers began working on new material using the remaining notebooks. Unable to alter them, the band decided to use the rough drafts as they are with the result appearing on the forthcoming album 'Journal Of Plague Lovers'.

In an interview with XFM, guitarist James Dean Bradfield claimed that recording the album had made them fell "as if we were a band" again.

"For years we haven't felt like we were ready to tackle the lyrics or use them in any songs," he said. "As the time has passed, it felt that it was right to use them."

“Over the years myself and Nicky (Wire) have picked up the lyrics and looked at them in awe, but it was only two years ago that we felt ready, like we could do this."

"There was a sense of responsibility to do his words justice. That was part of the whole thing of letting enough time lapse. Once we actually got into the studio, it almost felt as if we were a full band, it as close to him being in the room again as possible."

The album was recorded with renowned producer Steve Albini at the helm in Rockfield Studios last winter.

Manic Street Preachers are set to release their new album 'Journal Of Plague Lovers' on May 18th.

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